Alísa från Frihamra

Sex - Mare
Regnr: SE2018
Color - Black roan
Alísa =
Born - 180515


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******************************************************************************************************************************************************* Information
Black roan (colour changer) marefoal. Alisa is a really promising mare for the future, both for breeding and competition. Moves with high movements in mostly trot and galopp, but also a bit in tolt. She has nice conformation with long legs and nice raise in neck and shoulders. She is very friendly and calm, seeming to have a perfect head for future competition.

Her father is Aegir frá Efri-Nupi, a stallion judged to a total of 7.85 in total as a 4-gaiter, with impressing gaits and movements. He has the highest judgement in the world for riding abilities for stallions with the colour pinto roan. He has received 8.5 for both tolt, trot, walk and spirit. 8.0 for galopp and general impression. Aegir has an outstanding spirit, which has been shown when an 11 year old girl has trained and competed with him, achieving up to 6.50 in total in T8 and 5.97 in T4 as his top marks, as well as competing on the Swedish championship in Gaedingakeppi for kids, also scoring 8.243 in gaedinga tolt during the championship.

Her mother is Tufa från Håkansgården, a really successful competition horse who has received up to 7.0 in both T1 and T2. She has herself a judgement of 8.11 in total and she combines famous horses such as her father, multiple world champion Askur från Håkansgården (tot. 8.64) with other strong competition horses such as Fakur från Hästeryd ( tot. 8.34) and Mökkur frá Varmalaek (tot. 8.35).

So in Alisa you definitely have a promising young horse for future competitions or/and breeding.
*********************************************************************************************************************************************** Pedigree
Ægir frá Efra-Núpi
ext. 7.98 rid. 7.76 tot. 7.85 4-g
Hróarr frá Vatnsleysu
ext. 7.33 rid. 7.95 tot. 7.71
Arnar frá Vatnsleysu
ext. 7.94 rid. 8.10 tot. 8.04 4-g
Heiður frá Vatnsleysu
ext. 7.90 rid. 8.20 tot. 8.05 4-g
Glenna frá Svarfhóli
Svarfur frá Svarfhóli
Mábil frá Svarfhóli
Tufa från Håkansgården
ext. 8.00 rid. 8.18 tot. 8.11
Askur fra Håkansgården
ext. 8.29 rid. 8.87 tot. 8.64
Kveikur fra Miðsitju
ext. 8.05 rid. 8.44 tot. 8.25
Ljósbrá frá Ásgeirsbrekku
Milla fra Hästeryd Fákur fra Hästeryd
ext. 8.53 rid. 8.22 tot. 8.34
Gjöf från Hästeryd
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