Árfaxi från Frihamra

Kön Regnummer Färg Född Mankhöjd Övrigt
Valack SE2014106185 Rödblackskäck 140517 Ca: 140cm Såld

Tillbaka till saluhästar

Very good looking red dun pinto gelding born 2014. 5 gaiter but the pace is not trained yet. Around 140 cm in height. Great movements, good speed and control in all gaits. Very even and promising gaits to develop for an experienced rider with good and soft technique, who has knowledge in continuing to educate young horses. He knows how to move for different helps, does all gaits in small circles, works in nice form in all gaits, easy to shift between gaits etc. A future top horse for competition or very luxurious riding horse.

He went on a competition this summer, the first time leaving the farm at all, and scored 7.95 in B flokk, with up to 8.4 for galopp, great potential for the future! He is attentive and positive to work, good energy on his own, not a horse you have to push forward.

His conformation is really good with extra plus for leg quality, neck & shoulders and proportions. All horses the closest 3 generations back are judged with high assessments, all but one are shown in 1st class. Some of the amazing horses in his pedigree are as follows, Númi frá Þóroddsstöðum (8.66), Gáski frá Hofsstöðum (8.32), Orri fra Þúfu (8.34) and Otur fra Sauðárkróki (8.37).

Arfaxi’s father is Illingur frá Tóftum, world famous stallion judged to a total of 8.73 with 8.88 for ridingabilities. Silver medalist at Landsmot 2008 in A-flokk. Elite awarded for offsprings.

Arfaxi’s mother is Fanndis frá Audsholtshjaleigu, a mare judged to a total of 8.15 as a 5-year old with 8.28 for ridingabilities. Fanndis already have 2 judged offsprings, one to a total of 8.11 and the other to 7.84.

In Arfaxi you get a horse who is super promising for the future with even gaits and good spirit, very fun to work with no matter what, a pure joy for an experienced rider, a horse you get happy to ride. Not for beginners since he has good energy when riding, but always a good break.

No excema, sicknessess or injuries. Can be seen and ridden home at Frihamra Gård, 50 km northeast of Stockholm.

*********************************************************************************************************************************************** Stamtavla
Illingur frá Tóftum
ext. 8.51 rid. 8.88 tot. 8.73
Númi frá Þóroddsstöðum
ext. 8.48 rid. 8.78 tot. 8.66
Svartur frá Unalæk
ext. 8.18 rid. 8.90 tot. 8.54
Glíma frá Laugarvatni
ext. 8.03 rid. 8.27 tot. 8.15
Hrísla frá Laugarvatni
ext. 7.95 rid. 8.17 tot. 8.06
Gáski frá Hofsstöðum
ext. 8.10 rid. 8.53 tot. 8.32
Hera frá Laugarvatni
ext. 8.00 rid. 8.08 tot. 8.04
Fanndís frá Auðsholtshjáleigu
ext. 7.96 rid. 8.28 tot. 8.15
Gári fra Auðsholtshjáleigu
ext. 8.87 rid. 8.47 tot. 8.63
Orri fra Þúfu
ext. 8.08 rid. 8.61 tot. 8.34 4-g
Limra fra Laugarvatni
ext. 8.03 rid. 8.11 tot. 8.07
Fjöður fra Ingólfshvoli
ext. 7.90 rid. 7.87 tot. 7.89
Otur fra Sauðárkróki
ext. 8.05 rid. 8.69 tot. 8.37
Gyðja fra Gerðum
ext. 7.95 rid. 8.27 tot. 8.11
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