Kíli från Frihamra

Kön Regnummer Färg Född Mankhöjd Övrigt
Valack SE2016170673 Svartskäck 160524 ---cm

Promising 3 year old stallion for someone in search for a future competition horse or for breeding. Calm and friendly. Very nice neck and shoulders and expression. 5 gaiter. His siblings have all had easy for tolt, pace and galopp. Will end up around 140 cm in height or higher.

His father is top stallion Illingur frá Tóftum, elite awarded for offsprings and judged to a total of 8.73, with 8.88 for riding abilities. He also came second at Landsmot 2008 in A-flokk.

His mother is Vilda från Ängdala gård, a mare judged to a total of 8.25, with 8.40 for riding abilities, with 9 for general impression and 8.5 for neck and shoulders, hooves, tolt, trot, gallopp, spirit, short tolt and short gallopp. Vilda already have 1 offspring judged in 1st price, with a total of 8.04.

No previous injuries or eczema.

Will be sold so us as previous owners have 2 free covering fees with him if he is shown at breeding show and then used in breeding.
******************************************************************************************************************************************************* Stamtavla
Illingur frá Tóftum
ext. 8.51 rid. 8.88 tot. 8.73
Númi frá Þóroddsstöðum
ext. 8.48 rid. 8.78 tot. 8.66
Svartur frá Unalæk
ext. 8.18 rid. 8.90 tot. 8.54
Glíma frá Laugarvatni
ext. 8.03 rid. 8.27 tot. 8.15
Hrísla frá Laugarvatni
ext. 7.95 rid. 8.17 tot. 8.06
Gáski frá Hofsstöðum
ext. 8.10 rid. 8.53 tot. 8.32
Hera frá Laugarvatni
ext. 8.00 rid. 8.08 tot. 8.04
Vilda från Ängdala Gård
ext. 8.03 rid. 8.40 tot. 8.25
Flipi från Österåker
ext. 8.58 rid. 8.49 tot. 8.52
Hrafn fra Holtsmúla
ext. 8.40 rid. 8.72 tot. 8.56
Von fra Vindheimum
ext. 8.05 rid. 8.65 tot. 8.41
Ísafold fra Kaðalsstöðum 1 Sokki frá Högnastöðum
Snjóka fra Skáney
ext. 7.64 rid. 7.37 tot. 7.5 4-g
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