Olympia från Frihamra

Kön Regnummer Färg Född Mankhöjd Övrigt
Sto SE2019 Gulbrun 190626 ----- Till salu för 35000 SEK

Tillbaka till saluhästar

Olympia is a very sweet and promising filly who shows mostly trot and canter in the field with good strides, nice impression and head carriage. Her father is Mattur frá Holmahjaleigu, a first prize stallion judged to a total of 8.15 with among 9 for tolt. Her mother is Blaeja frá Midhjaleiga, a beautiful mare judged to a total of 7.79 as a 4 gaiter. Mattur is 146 cm in height, and Blaeja 139 cm on their respective breeding assessments. Olympia will have her passport made in the next few months, and that is included in the price. Seeing to how her parents look and how her older siblings look, this girl will be a real eye catcher!

She can be seen 50 km northeast of Stockholm, home at Frihamra Gård.

Olympia can leave for her new home when she is 8 months old, which is around the middle of February.
*********************************************************************************************************************************************** Stamtavla
Máttur frá Hólmahjáleigu
ext. 8.23 rid. 8.09 tot. 8.15
Mökkur frá Hólmahjáleigu
ext. 7.96 rid. 8.28 tot. 8.15
Hilmir frá Sauðárkróki
ext. 8.28 rid. 8.41 tot. 8.34
Kapra frá Hellu
Fantasía frá Miðhjáleigu
ext. 8.07 rid. 8.05 tot. 8.06
Eiður frá Oddhóli
ext. 8.15 rid. 8.74 tot. 8.45
Fluga frá Vindheimum
Blæja frá Miðhjáleigu
ext. 8.17 rid. 7.54 tot. 7.79 4-g
Randver frá Nýjabæ
ext. 7.87 rid. 8.56 tot. 8.28
Gáski frá Hofsstöðum
ext. 8.10 rid. 8.53 tot. 8.32
Gígja frá Nýjabæ
ext. 8.00 rid. 8.02 tot. 8.01
Rökkva frá Miðhjáleigu
Óðinn frá Miðhjáleigu
ext. 7.80 rid. 7.83 tot. 7.76
Drottning frá Miðhjáleigu
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